Payment Processing Fees

The current payment processing fee for on-line transactions is: up to 4.00%

Cost Fees
Set-up $0.00 (none)
Cost per successful transaction 3.50% of each transaction 
Administration fee 0.50% of each transaction
Cost per chargeback $15.00 per chargeback deducted at the time of receipt. Chargeback fees are returned to you for any successfully overturned chargebacks.
Additional cost per foreign exchange transaction 1.50% of each transaction

The payment processing fee is the amount deducted from each transaction by the payment processor plus a small administration fee. This administration fee is required to provide you with coverage in dealing with refund processing, credit card fraud protection and chargeback investigations.

Chargebacks (client contests the transaction with their credit card company) 

The current member chargeback fee levied by credit card companies for successful chargeback claims (client wins their claim) is: $15.00

Should you lose a chargeback claim (credit card company finds the clients claim is justified), you are required to reimburse the amount claimed. The following charges will be applied to your account: 

  1. The full amount of the disputed order reclaimed by the credit card company. 
  2. The current chargeback fee levied by the credit card company.

Fraud protection 

To help protect you against fraudulent credit card usage claims, we employ a credit card verification system that limits a persons capacity to use a stolen card or use a credit card belonging to another person.

Communication, the key to avoiding and loosing chargeback claims 

In most cases, we have all the information required to respond to most chargebacks. We will contact the client to clarify their claim and respond to the credit card company.

You can reduce the risk of loosing chargeback claims by ensuring that you always: 

  1. Forward any customer complaints you receive to the JEWELSKILLS Admin Team & 
  2. add the JEWELSKILLS Admin Team in :cc or :bcc in ALL replies to client disputes.

This will allow us to support you in your replies and ensure any chargeback initiated by the client is dealt with in a timely manner. 

Credit card companies have very strict time delays in responding to client chargebacks. Failure to meet their deadlines will automatically result in the client claim being accepted. 


EVENTS Chargeback prevention 

IN-PERSON: We strongly recommend that members maintain a daily participant sign-in form for all in-person events. This will be your proof of presence should the client make a claim they did not receive what they paid for. 

ON-LINE: A good way to start any on-line video conferencing event to invite participants to announce their presence and introduce each participant to the group. This is also the perfect opportunity to take a print screen of your screen that shows all participants logged in. 

Name the file the same name and date of your event. This will ensure you have an easy way to show proof of presence should you receive a claim of service not received.

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